Due Diligence

Judicial (legal) audit is an analysis of the title, constituent, contractual documentation of the enterprise, which allows to establish its compliance with the requirements of the law, business customs and established judicial practice.

The main purpose of a legal audit is to check the compliance of documents with the requirements of the law and the interests of the company in order to identify the risks of causing potential losses to it in the event of:

  • presentation of administrative fines and other sanctions by government authorities;
  • application of sanctions by counterparties for non-fulfillment or improper execution of contracts;
  • failure to fulfill contractual obligations by counterparties;
  • abuse by company employees;
  • illegal acquisition and use of assets (real estate, intellectual property rights), etc.

The law company “EXPERT SM” conducts a legal audit (Due Diligence) of the activities of the entire enterprise, its structural divisions and individual components of the business.

The duration of a legal audit and its cost depend on the volume of documentation and the range of issues being examined.

The result is a detailed report containing information about the identified violations and how to eliminate them.

The law and consulting company “Expert SM” strictly follows the principle of non-disclosure of any information obtained during the legal audit of the enterprise.

Conducting a legal audit will help to create a complete and comprehensive picture of the compliance of the activities of the organization and its management bodies with the law, and to obtain a clear action plan aimed at eliminating violations of the law and improving business.

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