Contract law

  • Settlement of disputes concerning the conclusion, execution, modification and termination of contracts.
  • Legal analysis of schemes, operations, transactions for the purpose of their verification and further optimization.
  • Recommendations on legal issues on the expediency of changing certain terms of contracts, on the undesirability of a number of transactions due to the uncertainty of their tax consequences.
Drafting contracts Such contracts are drawn up in advance by lawyers and contain the main points of your interaction with the organization. Basically, they protect the organization that made it up and do not give you much freedom of action. Before concluding a contract, it is very important to correctly understand all the terms of the contract and their consequences. The lawyers of our company can help you with this, they will be happy to conduct a legal examination of the document and explain the main points and consequences of their failure to comply. The main types of contracts we deal with shall be:
  • Contract of sale
  • Loan Agreement
  • Lease contract
  • Insurance contract
  • Pledge agreement
  • Mortgage agreement
  • Labor contract
  • Loan agreement
  • Service agreement
  • Work agreement
  • Donation agreement
  • Contract of carriage
  • other contracts
When signing the contract, it is very important to understand all the points correctly, since by signing you agree to the terms and conditions that are specified in the contract. The reverse situation is also possible, when you act as the main person under the contract, and it is your task to draw it up. In this case, the lawyers of our company are always ready to assist you and prepare the necessary document for a specific situation. Your contract will be developed by a professional lawyer, in accordance with the current norms of Azerbaijani legislation and reflect all the interests of the client. A lawyer will help you describe in the contract the main disputes that may arise later, and describe ways to resolve them according to your interests and legal norms. When ordering a contract with Expert SM, our lawyers guarantee you a well-written document that meets all the requirements of the client, protects him in controversial moments and complies with the current Azerbaijani legislation. If necessary, our specialists can accompany the process of signing the contract, which will be for you an additional guarantee of legal purity and transparency of the transaction.
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