HR records management services

In small and medium-sized businesses, personnel accounting is often the responsibility of accountants, secretaries and other employees. As a result, this leads to incorrect personnel records and lack of official documents, which gives rise to discontent and disputes between the employer and employees.

As a service, we offer the organization of work on personnel records for your organization, which involves hiring, dismissing, relocating employees, as well as all necessary other operations related to office work and legislation. We will help you organize, keep records and correctly compile the following documents:

  • employment contracts and additional agreements thereto;
  • work books;
  • personal things;
  • personal cards;
  • orders (on hiring and dismissal, on granting annual leave or leave at one’s own expense, on bonuses or disciplinary action, and others);
  • staffing table and LNA on amendments to it;
  • vacation schedules and notifications to staff about vacations;
  • travel documents;
  • time sheets for employees;
  • job descriptions;
  • wage regulations;
  • pay slip;
  • consent to the processing of personal data, etc.
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