Temporary residence permit

A temporary residence permit (RP) is one of the most popular services that our clients request. Foreigners and stateless persons wishing to temporarily stay and reside on the territory of Azerbaijan must obtain a temporary residence permit from the State Migration Service. If you receive this document for the period of its validity, there is no obligation to obtain a visa to enter the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Foreigners and stateless persons are allowed temporary residence in the Republic of Azerbaijan in the following cases:

– if he has a close family relationship with a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan; Close relatives are considered to be parents and children, grandparents, brothers and sisters with common parents;

– persons who have real estate in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic worth at least 100,000 manats and deposit accounts for the same amount in banks; in this case, real estate in Azerbaijan is assessed by independent appraisal companies, and the amount in the purchase and sale agreement is not taken into account;

– if he is a high-level specialist in the field of economics, industry, military affairs, science, culture, sports and other fields;

– in the presence of family members of foreigners or stateless persons temporarily or permanently residing in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

– when the head and deputy head of a legal entity established in the Republic of Azerbaijan and at least one of the founders or founders is a foreign legal entity or individual; when he fills the position of the head of a branch and representative office of a foreign legal entity in the Republic of Azerbaijan and his deputy;

– when investing in the country’s economy in an amount of at least 500,000 manats;

– when carrying out business activities in the Republic of Azerbaijan. This situation is considered a basis for issuing a temporary residence permit on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan if these persons actually work by concluding an employment contract with at least 5 people on a full-time basis or with 10 people on a part-time basis. conditions. At the same time, at least 80 percent of employees must be citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

– upon receipt of a work permit in the manner established by the Migration Code, to engage in paid labor activity on the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

– when studying in daytime and general educational institutions of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions of the Azerbaijan Republic;

-when carrying out professional religious activities in state-registered religious institutions;

– if there are grounds provided for by international treaties of the Azerbaijan Republic.

We also provide services for renewing temporary residence permits.

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