Tax planning

Speaking of “tax planning”, we mean a service related to conducting a tax analysis of a planned or existing scheme of work with the participation of non-residents (Tax Due Diligence), a proposal for optimizing taxation, development of the most convenient system for the interaction of non-resident and resident structures, the simplification of tax, banking and currency control procedures.

Consulting on Corporate Issues 

We can not only advise you on the creation and management of a business, but we will also help you organize your business in accordance with the structure you have chosen, organize its maintenance and service in the most convenient way for you.


  • advice on organizing the management of a foreign company in the chosen jurisdiction (requirements for its director, shareholders, secretary, etc.);
  • analysis and recommendations on confidentiality of ownership and management of a foreign company;
  • analysis, preparation and conclusion of shareholder agreements binding business founders, etc.

Asset protection

Asset protection is a whole range of legal measures aimed at organizing the acquisition, ownership and management of assets in such a way as to exclude or minimize the risk of their loss due to unfair actions of third parties.


  • advising on ways to protect and manage assets (for company shares, real estate, cash and other assets);
  • creation of trusts for the purpose of protecting and managing assets;
  • measures to verify foreign counterparties and the status of the acquired property located in foreign jurisdiction (Due Diligence in terms of the legislation of the respective country);
  • issues of international protection of intellectual property rights: trademarks, licenses, patents, etc.

Contractual activity in international projects

When working with non-resident companies, it becomes necessary to formalize partnership/commercial relations in accordance with applicable law, including in accordance with foreign jurisdiction.


  • preparation of contracts and agreements with foreign contractors – under Azerbaijani or foreign law;
  • verification of concluded contracts, analysis of tax, civil law risks, based on the text of contracts and agreements planned for conclusion, recommendations for eliminating risks, preparation of appropriate changes;
  • determination of the optimal jurisdiction and applicable law, advice on choosing the best option for resolving a dispute under a contract.
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