Commercial law

Commercial practice is one of the areas of activity and one of the key practices of Expert SM Law Company. Our lawyers have extensive experience in conducting a comprehensive due diligence of companies, practical solutions to various issues arising in the course of business activities of companies in various fields of activity (from pharmaceuticals to Internet technologies).

  • Agreements that protect the business interests of clients and reduce the risk of financial losses;
  • minimization of commercial risks of acquisition of assets or business after legal analysis;
  • development of contract schemes, templates of standard contracts.
  • Development and examination of commercial contracts
  • Analysis and inventory of receivables and payables,
  • Collection of troubled receivables (debt recovery), debt management.
  • Settlement of disputes on the conclusion, execution, amendment and termination of contracts.
  • Protection of the owner’s rights from illegal actions of third parties that violate the rights and interests of the owner. Registration of rights.
  • Experts’ legal examination and support of business projects.
  • Protection of property and personal non-property rights of the client, business reputation.
  • Legal examination of contracts concluded by the company in order to identify problem points, unfavorable or inconsistent with the law conditions (Due Diligence)
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