Corporate law

The corporate practice specialists of the EXPERT SM Law Firm have extensive experience in supporting the entire range of corporate processes. Our company will help implement measures covering the transformation of the organizational structure of a business and the optimization of its financial and economic activities, organizational measures in business companies on any issues of functioning and management. We provide full-cycle legal services: from the development of legal documents regulating the activities of companies to representing the interests of our clients in judicial and other government bodies.

  • A team of experienced corporate law lawyers with established practice;
  • Deep and comprehensive risk analysis;
  • İmmersion in the client’s business.
  • Registration, as well as acquisition, merger, spin-off, division, liquidation of all forms of legal entities and legal consulting for future activities. Amendments to constituent documents, reorganization of the enterprise.
  • Development of constituent and internal corporate documents.
  • Protecting your business from hostile takeover using trusts, funds, ensuring maximum confidentiality of information about the owners of the company.
  • Legal support for the alienation/acquisition of shares (shares).
  • Resolving disputes between the owner and manager.
  • Clarification of the rights of shareholders to manage the company.
  • Closing of LLC and Corporation C (Inc) in the USA.
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