Intellectual property

Intellectual property, being a product of artistic and technical creativity, serves as the basic material for creating innovative solutions in any industry, and provides long-term competitive advantages to its owners.

The service will be of interest to both copyright holders who decide to give consent to the use of their intellectual property to other persons (license agreement) or transfer all rights to it (alienation agreement), and to persons interested in acquiring exclusive rights.

  • individual approach to support of transactions with objects of intellectual property;
  • acquisition of reliable legal protection for your business;
  • the services provided allow you to get the maximum benefit from the conclusion of transactions with intellectual property.
  • Preparation of an agreement for the alienation of intellectual property and a license agreement;
  • Checking the contract provided by your counterparty for legal purity and analysis of possible risks;
  • registration of trademarks (trademarks) in Azerbaijan and abroad;
  • patenting inventions and utility models in Azerbaijan and abroad;
  • patenting of industrial designs in Azerbaijan and abroad;
  • registration, implementation and protection of copyright and related rights;
  • drawing up licensing agreements, agreements on the transfer of rights to intellectual property and their subsequent registration.
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