Consultation on civil, administrative and criminal matters

  • 1. Advising on Labor Issues (illegal dismissals, disputes over infringement of the rights of both the employer and the employee, etc.), Family Law Issues (divorce, disputes related to the dissolution of marriage, division of property, alimony, drafting a marriage contract, etc.);

    2. Consultations, support on transactions with real estate, including foreign, land and other property;

    3. Legal services for citizens and legal entities, support of transactions with property;

    4. Conducting and Consulting on Economic, Civil, Criminal and Administrative cases. We advise on the formation of the protection of your violated rights, or we give clear and competent recommendations on various aspects of law enforcement practice;

    5. Legal appraisal of contracts, participation in negotiations;

    6. Conducting cases on enforcement proceedings initiated by the bailiff-executor (enforcement of court decisions, enforcement of obligations, recovery under a writ of execution, imposition and removal of arrest from property, return of seized property, foreclosure of property);

    7. Conducting criminal cases at various stages (preliminary investigation, trial in all instances) with the involvement of experienced lawyers of the law office “EXPERT SM”.

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