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How do I start a business? It’s very simple. All you need to do is register an IE (Individual Entrepreneur) or an LLC. 

However, there are already a number of questions that arise during the preparation of the documents which it is best to think about in advance. 

Our lawyers will help you analyze your business model, discuss its advantages and risks and help you make the best decisions and implement your choices. 

Our advantages 

  • a comprehensive approach to choosing the right organizational-legal form and taxation system, taking into account the specifics of your business; 
  • identification of possible risks in the economic activity of the created firm, optimization of tax payments, financial and material resources; 
  • A full package of additional services for business creation and support. 

The first stage is to choose the organizational-legal form of the organization to be set up, the management system, and the taxation system. 

Lawyers can help you with all registration issues: 

  • Register an LLC or an IE (Individual Entrepreneur). 
  • Register JSC 
  • As well as help you choose a bank and open an account and prepare documents for starting a business. 
  • İf your business requires a license, this should also be addressed during the business start-up phase. 
  • A complex, comprehensive approach to starting a business will help you save time and money. 

International legal and consulting company, Expert SM provides legal and accompanying services in Azerbaijan for more than ten years. Having joined in 2009 to the American Chamber of Commerce in Azerbaijan (AMCHAM Azerbaijan) Expert SM acceded to the more than 180 companies across all sectors of the economy; in January, 2011, Expert SM has successfully graduated from the Enterprise Development and Training Programme (EDTP – The EDTP is a BP initiative in support of local business development sponsored by BP and its co-ventures in Azerbaijan. The programme is part of BP’s effort to increase local content of their contracts in Azerbaijan and thereby contribute to the healthy and transparent development of the local economy).

Since March 2011, the company “Expert SM” is a permanent member of the Azerbaijani-Russian Chamber of Business Cooperation.

Since the foundation of Expert SM our specialists improve their skills every day, accumulating experience and in-depth legal knowledge for the benefit of customers. When we turn to the next process, we affirm our professionalism, not in words but in deeds. We represent clients in court, conduct a public enterprises of all types of the organizational and legal forms, and advise on all aspects of doing business in Azerbaijan.

Turning to the international legal and consulting company Expert SM, you will receive an affordable and comprehensive legal advice on incorporation company in Azerbaijan, doing business in Azerbaijan, and characteristics of the investment policy in Azerbaijan. Further, the specialists of our law firm provide full or partial support of Your business, the assistance of counsel, accountant or auditor.

Our staff consists of specialists in the field of law and economics. In our company attended multidisciplinary experienced experts. The professionalism with which our specialists take on the job, regardless of the complexity of the case, have formed to our company reputation of a responsible and reliable performer. Our experts are not only thoroughly know the legislation, but also monitor all changes, as the domestic legislation of Azerbaijan, as well as partner countries, the adoption of international legal acts governing the entrepreneurial activity. Moreover, due to long-term practice, the lawyers of Expert SM familiar with all the requirements for registration documents in government agencies and international organizations. Experts of legal and consulting firm Expert SM provide consultations on local and international treaty law.

If you need in incorporation company in Azerbaijan, our experts will help with the choice of organizational form, the preparation of package of documents and conduct legal correspondence with the competent state authorities. We comply with the principle of confidentiality, legitimacy and priority of the client’s interests. With us doing business in Azerbaijan will be beneficial and safe for You.

If You need in legal services in Azerbaijan, please contact the Expert SM – we will help You!

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