Business licensing

List of types of activities requiring a license (except for cases arising from state security requirements), and the amount of state duty paid for licensing these types of activities.

Approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated December 21, 2015

Name of activityAmount of state duty (in manats)
1.Toxic industrial waste: 
2.Collection of raw materials of wild medicinal plants250
3.Private medical activities2250
4.Pharmaceutical activities: 
4.1.production of medicines2250
4.2.wholesale trade of medicines2250
4.3.retail sale of medicines1000
5.4.transit transportation250
6.Educational activities: 
6.1.preschool institutions1250
6.2.general educational institutions (including lyceums and gymnasiums)2000
6.3.the first vocational educational institutions (vocational schools and vocational lyceums)2000
6.4.secondary vocational educational institutions2000
6.5.higher education institutions2750
6.6.additional educational institutions1500
6.7.religious secondary vocational educational institutions2000
6.8.higher religious educational institutions2750
7.Communication services: 
7.1.telephone (wired)2500 line and cordless telephone2500
7.3.cellular (mobile) communication services (indicating the name of the technological standard)5500
7.4.IP telephony (Internet telephony)4000
7.5.organization of internal communication channels2500
7.6.organization of international communication channels5500 transfer3000
7.8.Express Mail1250
8.Broadcasting activities: 
8.1.national television5500
8.2.TV broadcast around the city of Baku2250
8.3.regional television broadcasting1500
8.4.national radio broadcasting2500
8.5.Radio broadcasting in the city of Baku1250
8.6.regional radio broadcasting500
8.7.additional information broadcast500
8.8.cable broadcasting network up to 5000 subscribers1500
8.9.cable broadcast network with more than 5,000 subscribers2500
8.10.satellite broadcasting500
8.11.activities that ensure the broadcasting of foreign television and radio channels via satellite using encrypted devices500
9.Exchange activities5500
10.Activities of an investment company2750
11.Activities of a clearing organization2750
12.Depository activities of investment funds2750
13.Activities of equity investment fund5500
14.Activities related to the preparation and sale of securities forms2750
15.Production of various types of seals and stamps1100
16.Activities of credit institutions:, local branch of a foreign bank11000
16.2.non-bank credit organization550
16.3.national postal operator500
17.Activities in the insurance sector: activity11000
17.2.reinsurance activities11000 brokerage activities: brokers who are legal entities11000 brokers who are individuals500
17.4.Activities of an insurance agent: agents who are legal entities500 agents who are individuals220
18.Storage of radioactive and ionizing radiation waste550
19.Transportation of dangerous goods by road250
20.Liquid and natural gas facilities: 
21.Mining and well drilling1100
22.Installation and repair of elevators250
23.Operation of amusement rides1250
24.Installation and repair of lifting devices, metallurgical equipment, boilers, tanks.1250
25.Carrying out diagnostics and other technical inspections of equipment and technical devices operated at potentially hazardous facilities.1250
26.Firefighting activities: of enterprises and settlements from fires on a contractual basis1800
26.2.production and sale of firefighting equipment products, testing1800
26.3.installation, maintenance and repair of fire protection systems and means1800 and maintenance of a fire shell, primary fire extinguishing means, restoration of the quality of fire extinguishing means1800
27.Engineering and survey work of buildings and structures requiring a construction permit550
28.Construction and installation work of buildings and structures requiring a building permit550
29.Design of buildings and structures for which construction a permit is required and for which information implementation is applied550
30.Private veterinary medical activity220
31.Veterinary drugs: 
32.Plant protection products and agrochemicals: 
33.Organization of individual hunting farms550
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