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Many years of experience of Expert SM allows us to provide our clients with high quality services, conduct legal consulting in various areas of law and in almost all areas of business. Our team consists of professionals with experience in major international law firms. Each specialist is an expert in his field of law, which is confirmed by reputable rating agencies.

We offer you our qualified assistance in resolving such important issues for you as the creation and registration of a company and partial or complete support of its activities, preparation and execution of documents, obtaining licenses necessary for successful operation, and much more.

Years’ Experience


Expert SM law firm provides the following services


Providing personal and corporate legal advisory services


Migration services are services offered to employers and foreigners


The company’s priority is to provide professional services in the field of auditing and consulting


International tax planning – a set of legal methods and means used to obtain tax benefits


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The main conditions for foreigners and stateless persons to engage in paid work in the Republic of Azerbaijan are the availability of vacant jobs, which are not claimed by a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan who has professional training or a specialty that meets the requirements of the workplace, the inability of the employment service bodies to meet the needs of employers in the workforce at the expense of local labor resources.

The opening of companies is carried out in the tax authorities. The charter is notarized, the document on the legal address is a copy of the document certifying ownership (“extract from the state register of real estate On state registration of rights”, referred to by an unspecified part of the population as a “bill of sale”), a statement of consent of the owner and a copy of the document certifying his identity.

The foundation agreement and the shares are determined if there are two founders. The decision to establish a company and payment of state duty – 11 (eleven) manats. After all the documents are prepared, they are submitted to the tax inspectorate for verification, at the second stage they are registered. The registration procedure lasts 3 (three) working days. After registration, the procedure for opening an account in the bank chosen by the client begins: a seal is prepared, a copy of all the constituent documents of the company is notarized, as well as the decision on the appointment of the director (it must be the original), certification of the signature and seal sample on the cards submitted by the bank, a duplicate of the certificate of opening accounts from the tax and SPSMF. After all these documents are ready, the bank is given the opportunity to open accounts for the client. After these procedures, the company can start full-fledged activities in accordance with local legislation.

The customer forms a tender commission, then develops a set of basic conditions of the tender and, finally, after the approval by the tender commission of the set of basic conditions of the tender and the announcement of the tender, publishes an announcement of the tender or sends an individual invitation to shippers (contractors) to participate in the tender.

The announcement of an open tender must be made at least 30 banking days before the day of opening envelopes with tender applications, and for the second time – at least 20 banking days in the state newspapers of the republic and international mass media, as well as on the official website. The announcement of a two-stage tender must be published in the state newspapers of the republic and international mass media, as well as on the official website at least 60 banking days before the day of opening envelopes with tender applications, and for the second time – at least 40 banking days. The purchasing organization may not only announce an open tender, but also send an individual invitation to suppliers of goods (contractors) to participate in the tender.

Foreigners or stateless persons wishing to temporarily stay in the Republic of Azerbaijan for more than 15 days must be registered at their place of residence. To do this, the owner of an apartment or other residential premises (the “receiving party”) at the place of stay of a foreigner or a stateless person within 15 days from the moment of arrival of a foreigner or a stateless person in the country must submit an application form for registration at the place of stay of a foreigner or a stateless person and a copy of his passport (other document on crossing borders) (including the visa page and pages indicating the last entry into the country) to the State body of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Internet information reserve of the migration service ( ), email ( ) or personally to the regional migration departments and “ASAN Service” centers of the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Why you choose us…

For 20 years, our professional service covers all areas of law

We provide legal and accounting support to foreign and local leading companies.

We are able to provide legal assistance to foreign individuals and legal entities of the company in the language they need.

Moreover, we can provide legal services not only in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, but also abroad. We are also available abroad.

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