Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Expert SM – a team of professionals, rendering services on perfection of a corporate control system.

Expert SM offers the subsequent consulting services:

  • Legal support in any sphere of business.
  • The Sale and Purchase of ready business.
  • Consultations in sphere of business, economic policy, legal status, on sale and purchase of shares and securities, support of investment projects.
  • Preparation of internal local documents (duty regulations, by-laws about structural divisions, etc.), assistance in conducting legally correct correspondence with the partners, supervisory and other bodies and organizations (as well as governmental institutes)
  • Development of administrative system of human resources – mobilization of opportunities and individual consultation of employees of HR service;  management of HR, development of policy and procedures of management for recruitment and selection of personnel; functioning and monitoring; training and development; an evaluation of work.
  • Adjustment of a control system of mutual relations with clients which will provide qualitative service; retraining of the service personnel for development of skills of mutual relations with clients.
  • Consulting on the integrated solutions in the field of standards of management. Integration of various systems allows saving time and money of our clients, logically combines branch tasks with requirements.
  • Qualitative control system  – ISO control systems.

Expert SM offers you services on financial analysis – obligatory conduct of financial management of any company. It allows to determine the current state of the company, comprehensible parameters of work and significance of retaining them on an advanced level and what are unsatisfactory and demand operative interference. In other words, in order to move forward successfully, it is essential to know, why the state of the enterprise has worsened and how to overcome the emerged situation (which management tool would serve more effectively)

You can find the answer to following questions:

  • What will happen in the market?
  • What changes should occur in the company so that it becomes more resisting to competition?
  • Where is its advantage?
  • Which tools are necessary for its successful development?

Our services include:

  • The Analysis of efficiency of activity
  • Development of the anti- crisis program
  • Brief obtained as a result of analysis

Expert SM will quickly and precisely organize:

  • The analysis of environment by implementing SWOT
  • Formation of mission and goals of the organization
  • Development of strategy of the organization
  • The Strategic plan
  • Plan for development of the organization


Our services in the field of IT consulting:

–         Site;

–         Business card;

–         A site with a directory (tree) of goods and services regardless of the type of service;

–         Online Shop;

–         Forum;

–         Blog

Assistance in customs clearance and transportation: PDF Print E-mail

Customs clearance of all types of cargo shipped into the territory of Azerbaijan as air, rail, sea, road transport modes from anywhere in the world.

Transportation of all types of containers (metal, wood, glass, ceramics, etc.) by rail to Azerbaijan from Azerbaijan, as well as anywhere in the world.

Will assist in placing and choosing a hotel in Baku and throughout the territory of Azerbaijan.

And also:

Provide access to the domestic market of Turkey, finding business partners, procurement of interested goods.