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“Expert SM”, an international law & consulting company, assists in registration offshore companies in Gibraltar.


Gibraltar offshore companies (Gibraltar non-resident companies are their official name) offer unique opportunities to do your business tax efficiently and within the EU.

Gibraltar is situated at the south-western coast of Spain. Its population is 30,000. The official language is English, but Spanish is widely spoken, so it is a truly bilingual country.


Here are the main characteristics of a Gibraltar company:


Company type: Private Company Limited by shares.

Governing corporate legislation: Gibraltar companies are regulated under the Gibraltar Companies Ordinance 1930. The Gibraltar Financial Services Commission is the governing authority.

Information published relating to company officers: The names of company officers appear on public record. Nominee officers can be used to avoid the client's name to appear.

Accounting requirement: Accounts and tax filing must be submitted every year.

Taxation: The tax rate is 10% as from 1st of January 2011. This rate of tax will be levied on company profits which derive in or accrue in Gibraltar.

Legislation: Modern offshore legislation

Standard Currency: GBP

Time to form: Gibraltar has a fast and efficient registry.

Stability: Very stable jurisdiction with excellent reputation.

Communication: Good communication means

Time zone: Convenient time zone (GMT+1).

Secretary required: Yes

Paid up capital requirement: No paid up capital requirement

Basis of legal System: Under Common Law

Minimum shareholders / directors: Minimum of 1 Director and 1 Shareholder.

Bearer shares: Bearer Shares are not permitted.