Registration of LLP in the UK

Registration of LLP in the UK


Britain is one of the leading financial and business centers in the world and a significant jurisdiction for international tax planning. This country is known worldwide as a jurisdiction with a standard level of taxation, so in no way be a “tax haven”. At the same time, UK law allows the registration and use of companies with zero tax rates – the LLP. The legislation on LP (Limited Partnership) exists in the UK for almost a century, but exactly in its present form (Limited Liability Partnership Act 2000), this law opens up all the advantages of using LLP.

The company LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) – a partnership that has at least two founders; is registered by submitting registration forms (form LLP 2) and the statute (Partnership Deed) in the register of companies in England and Wales (Companies House). Accordingly, after completion of registration, Companies House issues a registration certificate (Certificate of Incorporation), as well as all other company documents drawn up – general power of attorney, compensation letters, etc. English LLP with foreign partners that do not lead commercial activities in the UK and receive no incomes in its territory are not subject to tax.

Under UK tax law, the LLP is not in this country as a separate subject of taxation (respectively, an LLP is not required to obtain a tax registration number in the UK), and taxes on profits obtained by LLP must pay its founders (“Designated Members”) at the place of their residence, in the proportion of their interests in the LLP. Thereby, the English LLP with a legally proper corporate structure will be the instrument with a zero rate of tax.


General Information


Area – 244,755 sq. km.

Population – 58,000,000 people

Political status monarchy

Capital – London

Official language – English

Official currency – British Pound (GBP)

Time zone – GMT + / – 0


Company Type


Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)


The founders of the company


Number: minimum – 2.

Status: individuals or legal entities.

Residence: may be residents of any country.

Member information: stored in the Registry for England and Wales.

Nominee: permitted.


Director of the company


The legislation on LLP provides that a company’s management is carried out by its founders LLP (Members), which can also, serves as directors.


Company secretary


There are no requirements for the post of secretary.


Authorized share capital


Standard authorized capital – 100.000. – GBP.

The minimum paid-up capital is 2 GBP.


Company Name


The name must end with the abbreviation “LLP”. Without obtaining the appropriate licenses will not be allowed registration of names containing the word “Bank”, “Insurance”, “Trust”, etc.


Beneficial Ownership


Beneficial Ownership disclosed to the Registered Agent and are confidential.

Annual Return

Annual Return must be submitted every 12 months after registration.

Filing of Financial Statement

Financial Statement must be submitted to the Companies House annually.




If the founders of LLP are UK nonresidents, and the company receives no incomes in the UK, the taxation of LLP companies – 0%.

Treaty on Avoidance of Double Taxation

As LLP companies are not the taxpayers of Great Britain, they are not covered by the international treaties concluded by Great Britain.


Is the jurisdiction of the “blacklists”


Belarus: No

Latvia: No

Russia: No

Ukraine: No

Kazakhstan: No

Uzbekistan: No


Timeframe for incorporation


12 – 15 working days; A complete set of documents – 6 – 7 weeks.

Takeover of the outside Company under an INTERNATIONAL OVERSEAS SERVICE

It’s maybe, but only by agreement with the previous corporate service provider in the UK.


Incorporation documents


1. Certificate of Incorporation.

2. Mutual Agreement and General Operating Provisions.

3. Minutes of first meeting of officers.

4. General Power of Attorney.

5. Agreement for management of a company by nominee officers and indemnification of the nominees.

6. Interest Ownership Certificates.

7. Company stamp.


Ready-made companies


In this jurisdiction will be pleased to register a new company to order.


INTERNATIONAL OVERSEAS SERVICES: English LLP – an ideal solution for those entrepreneurs who prefer to work with a company registered in the EU, and at the same time – to have at its disposal a fully tax-free vehicle.

The LLP company’s profit or property belonging to it may be fully reflected in the annual reports of of the company, without any tax liability – so considerably simplified financial reporting, because in this case is not required to provide low-tax work, implement the use of commercial schemes with the inclusion of other companies – agents or contractors.