Registration of companies & enterprises on the Bahamas

Registration of companies & enterprises on the Bahamas


Bahamas is located in an archipelago of approximately 700 islands and cays located in the Atlantic Ocean 80 kilometers east of the Peninsula of Florida. There is an estimated population of 340,000. The official language is English and its currency is the Bahamian Dollar and the US dollars that are used interchangeably throughout the island chain. The primary industries are the commercial and financial activities who offer a highly skilled workforce. The Bahamas is an independent country and continues to remain an active member of the British Commonwealth of Nations. The Bahamas has a Parliamentary type democracy. The legal system is based on the English common law, complemented by Bahamian statutes.


Highlights of Bahamas Companies:


• No restriction of free repatriation of profits

• Confidentiality on directors and shareholders information

• Based on English Law

• Well developed professional infrastructure

• British dependent territory

• Neutral tax jurisdiction

• Regulated financial services industry




Location of Jurisdiction: Bahamas – Caribbean

Official Language: English

Political Stability: Excellent

EU Savings Tax Directive Applies: No

Corporate Taxes: None

Tax Information Exchange Agreements: Yes

Disclosure of Beneficial Owner: No

Requirement to File Audited Accounts with Government: No

Time to Incorporate: 2 to 3 Business Days





Type of  Company: International Business Company (IBC)

Type of Law: Common Law for Corporate Matters

Registered Office/Agent: Required by Law

Change of Domicile: Allowed

Shelf Companies Available: Yes

Language of Documents: English

Corporate Seal: Manadatory





Eligibility: Any person or company of any nationality.

Minimum Number of Directors: One. May be a person or a company.

Disclosure to Authorities: Yes, but nominees can be used

Residence Required: May Reside Anywhere

Local Director Required: No

Nominee Director Available: Yes

Location of Meetings: Anywhere





Officers Required: Optional

Secretary Required: Optional

Local Secretary Required: No





Minimum Number of Shareholders: One

Eligibility: Any person or company of any nationality.

Disclosure to Authorities & Public: No

Nominee Shareholders Available: Yes.

Annual Shareholders Meeting: Not Required





Minimum Number of Shares: One

Maximum Number of Shares: Unlimited

Bearer Shares Permitted: No






Permitted Currencies: Any. Usually US$

Minimum Paid Up Share Capital: None

Maximum Share Capital: Additional fees apply to share capital over US $50,000

Recommended Share Capital: US $50,000 (divided into 50,000 shares @ US $1.00 each)





Keep Accounts/Company Books: Yes

Audited Accounts Required: No

File Accounts with Government: No

File Annual Return: No

Bank Account Location: Anywhere

Exchange Controls: No