Registration of companies & enterprises in France

Registration of companies & enterprises in France

The company EXPERT SM assists in the registration of the following types of legal entities in France (in Paris):

  • SA (Joint Stock Company, A. Cap. 37.000.- €)
  • SARL (Limited Liability Company, A. Capital from 1.00 euro, from 2 founders)
  • S.C.I. (Société Civile Immobilière) – LLC for Real estate Set Capital from 1.00 euro, from 2 accounts.
  • Representative / branch of foreign. companies in France (A. Capital is missing)
  • Association (non-profit association, A. Capital is missing)

Documents required for company registration:

  • Information about the founder (s) and Director (s) of the company: full name, date and place of birth, place of residence
  • If the founders are legal persons, then the charter documents of the company and the decision to create a subsidiary / representative office *
  • Document on payment of Authorized capital
  • Name, types of activity of the created company


* – notarized and translated into French language

Company registration term:

* SA-4-8 weeks (depending on the number of shareholders and workload of the
registered agency)

* SARL-4-6 weeks

  • Representation / branch of a foreign company in France – 4-8 weeks
  • Association-4-6 weeks

EXPERT SM also provides assistance in:

  • bank account opening
  • organization of accounting of the company
  • providing equipped office / secretarial services to the company,
  • Obtaining licenses required for the operation of the company according to the laws of France,
  • Preparation of a dossier for obtaining a residence permit in France to the founders/employees of enterprises registered in France,
  • Trademark registration,
  • Bar code registration.

Company registration in France: types of residence permit

Our company offers company registration in France as the most reliable way to secure your future in France and other EC countries. Registration of the company gives the right to obtain a residence permit and
in perspective, French citizenship.

Enterprise registration

At your request, we will help you to register in France SARL-limited liability company (A. Capital from 1 Euro), SA-anonymous company (A. Capital from 38 000 euros) or a legal entity in any other legal entity form.

To register a SARL, you must:

  • Founders-from 2 individuals and / or legal entities,
  • Nominee Manager, which can be a resident of one of the EU countries or a non-resident with a merchant card,
  • Open a Bank account and make on behalf of the founders of the authorized capital,
  • After registration of the company the authorized capital can be used at discretion founders,

Registration of the company takes from 1 to 1.5 months.

Residence permit

If the client wants to be the Manager of the registered company, he must apply for a “merchant card”, which gives him this right, and for obtaining a residence permit.

Merchant card (permission to be the Manager of your company) is issued for a period of one year. To do this, you need to go through 2 stages:

  1. To obtain a dossier for obtaining a merchant card at the Consulate, to prepare a balance sheet, letters of recommendation, etc.
  2. Fill in and submit a dossier, prepare a business plan, conduct market analysis; the client is interviewed by the Vice Consul.

Merchant card (card “free” professions) is issued within 3-6 months.

According to the merchant’s card, even if the company does not work, you will have to pay about 300 euros per month for social contributions and in the old age cashier.

After 1 year of work on the merchant card, the client will have to renew his residence permit.

Instead of a merchant card, you can request a company employee card (work card) — it is faster and more reliable. The client receives a one-year residence permit and a work permit for a specific company in a specific position. The minimum salary in France is just below 1,000 euros per month + 800 euros per month the company will pay the state in the form of social allocations. The term of obtaining a work card is 2-2.5 months.

Just as in the first case, it is possible to extend the residence permit.

Usually, after 7-10 years, everyone gets French citizenship. Employees get it faster than the owners of the enterprise. In any case, all (or almost all) after a maximum of 5 years of work in France receive a 10-year residence permit. According to it, a person has the same rights as the French, except the right to be elected, to work in the police and administration, to serve in the army (except the Foreign Legion) , etc.

Children of immigrants who are legally in the territory of France and went to school in the last 5 years before their majority, receive French citizenship. Children of immigrants who are legally in France, who were born in France and went to school for a minimum of 5 years in France before their majority, receive French citizenship.