Registration of companies & enterprises in China

Registration of companies & enterprises in China

The company EXPERT SM assists in the registration of the following types of legal entities in China.

· LTD ( LLC. 100% Chinese capital. Minimum composition: from 1 founder (legal or natural person), citizens of China, 1 director. Min. A.Cap. = 100’000.00 yuan (= 15’000 USD)

· JV (joint venture, minimum authorized capital = 150’000 USD (payable immediately), up to 70% of the enterprise may be owned by foreigners

· Representation of a foreign company in China (A. Cap. is absent. If the parent company is registered in Hong Kong – it must exist for more than 1 year.)

· Branch of a foreign company in China (A. Cap. is absent, but there are requirements for the annual turnover of the parent company)

· A company with 100% foreign capital (min. A. Cap. = 150’000 USD (payable immediately), from 1 founder, 100% of the founders may be foreigners).  Every company registered in China must have an office

Company registration term:

Documents required from the founder (s) – individuals and directors:
· Copy of passport *

· Banking solvency certificate

· Certificate of the right to do business (or a criminal record)

· Brief Summary

· Name, types of activity of the created company

Documents required from the founder (s) – legal entities and directors:

·  Statutory documents of the company, the order on the establishment of a new company in China, balance sheets

· Bank statement on turnover, account status

· Name, activities of the company being created (see the questionnaire)

Company registration term:

 · Ltd. – 30-40 days.

· Representative / branch of foreign companies in China – 30-40 days.

· Company with 100% foreign branch – 30-40 days.

EXPERT SM also provides assistance in:

· Opening a bank account

· Providing the legal address of the company and nominee founders and directors

organization of accounting of the company

· providing an equipped office / company secretarial services,


  • VAT – from 1 to 18%
  • Income tax – 35%

· If the company is manufacturing, then it is entitled to a 5-year tax break.

· China has monthly, quarterly and annual accounting statements