Assistance in global crisis


Global economic crisis will influence all the companies in some way. In the worst case it will be warded off as recession or bankruptcy because of exhaustion of means or incapacity of payment of debtors. Some companies will sense financial pressure and decline of demand. Others, particularly the companies, the financial state of which is reliable, will accept the situation of crisis as an ideal opportunity to increase their participation in the market and injection of competitors. Expert SM possesses wide experience of providing services on evaluation of companies. Dear friends, concerned by the emerged situation and launched crisis in world economy, and in the economy of Russia and Azerbaijan, we offer you qualified assistance, protection and services for getting out of crisis. Our qualified specialists possess tremendous experience on juridical protection of companies, and pulling the companies out of crisis. Our anti-crisis managers will help you to choose the best ways of progress, develop the plan of activity and help you to bring this plan to existence, which will help you to avoid global crisis. If your company has problems in connection with liquidity, for the starting point we will help you to take the situation under control.  After this we will support you in stabilization of situation by deep analysis of capital flow, revision of delivery chains and elimination of causes of capital outflow.  We undertake the steps that are essential for treating your business, by matching the development of strategies for increasing sales and profit with analysis of decisions on cutting expenses and attracting capital.  Efficiency of our methodology is proved by global experience of achieving results in terms of full confidentiality.

Our services:

Reorganization of company



Development and confirmation of operational and debt plan

Defense in the court in matters related to credit commitments

Resolution of labor disputes

Defense in the court in matters related to debt commitments