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Energy projects

Together with partners we are conducting the whole range of activities for our international investors who are specifically looking for “waste to energy” and/or “renewable energy” investments. Here is a typical sequence for developing a waste to energy project for international investors below:

– Feasibility study/Project Development Plan(PDP) by Waste to Energy International

– Selection and designing of the technology tailored to the specific waste to energy project

– Briefing the technology provider in project details

– Selecting of peripheral equipment

– Defining total project costs for financial model

– Establishing the docs in the required structure for the financial model including concession agreement, off-take-agreement with guaranteed FIT (feed-in-tariffs), land lease agreement, financing costs etc.

– Sourcing EPC contractor and O&M company

– Establishing financial model for long-term investment with debt/equity structure and acceptable IRR level

– Investment memorandum and associated documents

– Presentation of investor-requested docs and selection of investor groups

– Performing due diligence

– Establishing project time schedule

– Initiating the project including share structure, founding of local SPV, financial SPV etc.

– Processing the complete project through Waste to Energy International financial SPV together with investors