Investment Projects

Investment Projects

Comprehensive legal support for investment projects


Investment project is a specific event, which are invested money for profit earning and / or capital growth.

Investment project – economic or social project, which is based on investments, substantiation of economic feasibility, scope and timing of direct investments in a certain object, which includes design estimates developed in accordance with the operating standards.


Investment projects are divided into:


• Production

• Scientific and technical

• Commercial

• Financial

• Economic

• socio-economic


“Expert SM”, a legal and consulting company, is pleased to offer You its all-inclusive legal, organizational and commercial services package to accompany your investment and other commercial projects:


• advisory services concerning issues of legal regulation of area of activity, in which commercial project is planned to implement (or being implemented);

• researching possible legal solutions for realization of economic issues within the frames of investment project;

• legal due diligence of powers of participators of agreements, including their rights on assets (where applicable): studying corporate documents, rights on real estate, evaluation of legal, accounting, tax risks, identifying possible ways to eliminate risks;

• working out structure of agreement (investment project), i.e., determining ownership forms of parties to the agreement, determining jurisdiction to govern the agreement, building contractual relations, determining ways to secure interests of participators, tax and financial planning, observing antimonopoly law;

• tax consulting on issues arising in the process of development and implementation of commercial projects;

• executing legal documents (contracts/agreements, protocols, official letters, claims and etc.) needed for implementation of a commercial project;

• representing interests of the clients before governmental bodies and independent local authorities in all issues arising in the process of implementation of a commercial project;

• participating in negotiations with counterparties and other persons concerning all issues related to implementation of a commercial project;

• performing registration procedures in any stage of the project;

• acting as an attorney-at-law of clients in courts concerning actions raised in connection with realization of a commercial project.

In order to inform foreign businessmen to attract foreign investment into the country and create business relationships with local businesses Fund of the promotion of exports and investment in Azerbaijan published a famous book of business “Doing Business in Azerbaijan”.

“Doing Business in Azerbaijan” consists of chapters, which reflect Azerbaijan’s economy, business and investment climate, legislation to create business and other information.