Evaluation services

Evaluation services

«EXPERT SM», an international legal and consulting company, provides evaluation services to individuals and legal entities.

Our Evaluation Team has wide experience in assessment activities and provides the highest level of service, accuracy and quality of performed work.

In October 2006, on the recommendation of The National Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Azerbaijan, decision of the National Bank of Azerbaijan and the Azerbaijan Mortgage Fund staff of the group were included in the mortgage lending serving institutions.

The assets of our group has such large works, as; Zaqatal Nut Factory, Aghdash Trade Center, Sabunchu Knitting Factory in Baku, «Bakcell» Ltd, SGS – complex, etc.

Partners of our Evaluation Team in evaluation and mortgage loan activities are banks such as “Texnikabank”, “Kapital Bank”, “Unibank”, “Nikoyl”, “Muganbank”.

The evaluation report is submitted according on the international standard as a set of documents in written form together with video materials.


The Team carries out the following type of assessment:


• Evaluation of all types of business

• Pre-investment evaluation of the enterprise

• Assessment of buildings, structures, houses, apartments

• Evaluation of apartments for mortgage

• Valuation of land plots, villas, cottages

• Equipment evaluation of workshops, factories, plants and etc.

• Assessment of transport companies and garages

• Evaluation of motor vehicles (all types)

• Assessment of stocks of individual and legal persons

• Evaluation of restaurants and catering business

• Valuation of companies for:

– Court

– Section

– Merging

– Taking the balance

– Sale

• Valuation of property, real estate of enterprises for contribution to the authorized capital

• Damage assessment of individual and legal entities