Azerbaijan improves national standards to increase exports

Azerbaijan improves national standards to increase exports

The Azerbaijani State Committee on Standardisation, Metrology and Patents brought more than 100 national standards in line with European ones during the year, the state committee chairman Ramiz Hasanov told media on Friday.

“The state committee plans to bring all standards in the country, including those adopted in the Soviet period, GOST standards, in line with European ones,” Mr Hasanov said. He said that this process depends on the readiness of the economic sectors.

“Not all sectors are ready to apply new standards,” he said. “So we conduct this process step by step.” He failed to name the completion period.

“We seriously considering the standards in the food industry, as it is important from the point of view of increasing the country’s export potential,” Mr Hasanov said.

In particular, he said that an intergovernmental agreement is expected to be signed with the Hungarian licensing body for Azerbaijani products to be exported to that country and in the future, to Europe.