Azerbaijan and Russia to cooperate in labor migration

Azerbaijan and Russia to cooperate in labor migration

[B]In early 2013, Azerbaijan and Russia will begin to develop interagency agreements on cooperation in the field of labor and social security and migration[/B].


The statement came from Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation Tatyana Blinova under the 25th jubilee meeting of the Advisory Council on Labor, Migration and Social Protection of Population of the CIS.

She expressed hope that these agreements will be signed by the end of the year.


“We believe that the conclusion of a joint agreement would help address these issues in the future. I think that Azerbaijan pays much attention to the issues that are related to the fact that the working activity is carried out legally through registration of labor relations, taxes, and accordingly obtain the documents that confirm the existence of working and insurance experience.

We assume that such an interaction would allow us address the problems that are associated with the provision of pensions, social security, and issues of health of citizens, who go out of the country of residence in order to work in another country, including from Azerbaijan to Russia. So, of course, these issues are of special concern about us and the Azerbaijani side”, Blinova said.