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“Expert SM”, an international law & consulting company, assists in registration offshore companies in Mauritius.


Offshore companies in Mauritius are similar to BVI or Belize IBCs (international business companies) with no taxes on any income generated. They are not allowed to work with Mauritian residents - people or businesses, although they can have bank accounts with banks in Mauritius.

The Mauritian government is promoting offshore activities that will not only set Mauritius on its way to become the regional financial centre but also an international financial and business centre. Various types of offshore activities have already been identified, including offshore fund management, holding companies, operational headquarters, offshore captive insurance, foreign security companies, ship management, financial services and consultancy, shipping, aircraft financing and leasing, and trading.


The current structure offers the following incentives:


•Exemption from compliance with the Exchange Control Act.

•Freedom to conduct all legitimate banking and other financial business with non residents.

•Exemption from credit, interest rates and other restrictions normally applied to business of domestic banks.

•Low income tax rate of 5% on all offshore profits.

•Free repatriation of profits without further taxation.

•Exemption from stamp duty on documents relating to offshore business transactions.

•Exemption from custom duty on imported office equipment.

•No withholding tax on interest payable on deposits raised from non-residents by offshore banks.

•Double taxation avoidance treaties with the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Malaysia, Sweden, India, Italy, and Zimbabwe. Similar agreements are being negotiated with other countries.

•Expatriate staff are subject to a concessionary personal income tax rate, i.e. half the normal personal tax rates.

•No estate duty or inheritance tax is payable on the inheritance of shares in an offshore entity.

•No capital gains tax.